Soap Art gave me a wonderful experience both the product and service itself, i personally like the soap made with goat milk because it has an extremely creamy texture that fully moisturises my skin when i use it. The workshop also piqued my interest in DIY soap making as i can slowly progress in level and enhance my skills in crafting the soap. By Coralle

Soap Art has broaden my mind on what we could do with soap, it is not a normal bar of soap you regularly use. It is actually made with goat milk or cow milk, which makes your skin smoother and your skin will be left moist! I enjoyed the basic elementary workshop where i could make soaps of designs i like and i learnt some techniques on soap making! The trainer was really friendly and patient to guide us step-by-step. Try it and i am sure you will have fun! By Rachael

The usual common soap we often use can now be customised to our own preference. The workshop guided me step by step through the different details of soap making and the benefits of each ingredient. This allow me to know what soap is the most suitable for my needs. It was indeed a fun session of making soap! By Claire
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